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Thread: R1150RT Front suspension adjustment

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    I had cupping on my R1100R with PR2 tires. Started out at around 2-3000 miles and then got worse. It didn't affect the handling other than at parking lot speeds turning you could hear/feel the vibration from the tire. Always ran the recommended air pressure. Bike was loaded up, but riding solo, some higher speed twisties and interstate stuff, but I've never had a bike cup tires like that one did. Before that bike had a Metz on the front and a Dunlop on the back ( the way I bought the bike ) but it never cupped either tire like it did with the PR2. Maybe something to do with dual compound.

    It seems from my reading that cupping was a fairly common occurrence on these bikes and I don't know if it was because of the front & rear tire being off set from each other ( not tracking true to each other - directly behind ) or what. I replaced the PR2 with Pireli but never kept the bike long enough to see how they stood up.
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    I really doubt you'd be able to sense the "flutter" effect I refer to. I think it is a small displacement, but a high frequency, which also makes it harder to feel. But I theorize it causes a high amount of squirm at the tread blocks to accelerate tire wear. Any tire engineers out there to set me straight?

    I have Metz Z6 front and rear on my RS for this season we just finished. I do about 50% two up riding these days, a lot more two up than I did three years ago. I have had the Wilbers shocks on my RS since 08, at 120,000 miles then. The bike now has just shy of 170,000 miles on it. The Z6 pair has 14,000+ miles on the rear and almost 10,000 on the front. Neither are down to the wear bars yet, but I'll replace both over the winter. I got similar mileage out the two previous sets of Conti Road Attacks and the Avon Storms previous to the Conti tires.

    So, given that I get similar wear and mileage out of three different tire brands, when before I got about 4,000 LESS miles out of a set of tires (especially the front) when all I really changed were the shocks, I am pretty convinced good quality shocks have real impact on ride and tire wear.

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    I don't sense any flutter, but I think my front suspension is way soft. This being the only modern BMW I've ridden, I never knew any difference, as it still handles well.
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