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Thread: R1150RT Front suspension adjustment

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    R1150RT Front suspension adjustment

    Is there any front suspension adjust method/mechanism on a stock 2004 RT, or is it pretty much deal with it or replace it?
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    No adjustment on the stock front shocks.
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    Thanks. Local shop opined that my heavy front tire wear (center is fine, shoulders wear very fast, even though 90 percent of my miles are on the interstate) is due to dive or other suspension factors causing too much of the bikes weight to rest on the front tire, "pushing" it through curves. We shall see. I always run BMW specified pressures.
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    Its your bike. Check the sag front and rear.

    I personally think factory front pressure is too low and causes cupping on front tires.

    MY 00 RT manual recommends 32 PSI front solo. I run 36.

    I found this out by testing.
    Inflate tire to cold pressure.
    Run the bike a minimum of 20 minutes.
    Check hot pressure. It should increase 10%.
    If its less you need less air.
    If its more you need more air.

    Do this in 2 lb increments.

    I also added a 1/8" (3mm) preload shim to the stock spring. This took the sag from 55mm to 47mm. I adjusted the non adjustable suspension.


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    Thanks. BMW specs 37 front and 42 rear for my bike. When I completely v'd a battleax front in one long day in the mountains, I blamed the tire. Seeing profiling start on a PR2 after a few thousand miles. Time for a change. No such issues with my 75/6.....
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    how many miles on your '04?
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