Small group of us from southern va are planning a full length ride in May. Ride to Waynesboro on Wed the 29th, then head south. Staying in hotels near as possible tothe parkway.
Trying to figure out a stopping point on day 1. Southern VA is slim on hotels. Looks to me that either Roanoke or The Hillsville Area would be about it, bht how far is reasonable to plan on riding.
We will not get on the parkway till after lunch. Peaks of otter lodge is only 86 miles south so that seems to soon to stop for the night. Roanoke is only about 30 miles south from there at MP 121. Hillsville is at MP177, but is that too far to enjoy the ride and fit everyones comfort level?
We don t really have anyone that is really slow, but we will be running the 45 mph speed limit.
Anyone else done this? Iam sure someone has. Where did you stop for the night on day 1?