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Thread: Where to sell

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    Where to sell

    The time has come, thanks to age and Agent Orange, for me to sell my Pristine 2002 R1150RS. How and where do I post it for sale? How do I determine a fair price?


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    Post somewhere other than a forum dedicated to late stone age points and kickstart bikes

    Just funnin - don't get mad

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    Post on the Flea Market - via the MOA home page.

    Also post a For Sale in the Oilhead section of the classified ads pages.
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    You can get an idea of value here:
    Your zip code needs to be entered in the top right corner for more accurate value.
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    The "Used Bike Value Guide" in the November issue of MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS lists your bike at $4385. Doesn't hurt to get as many "ideas" as possible. Good luck with your sale - I miss my RS. There's really nothing quite like it.
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    Ebay. The market will set the price.
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    1,687 could hold on to it until next summer, and then bring it to Salem, Oregon. I understand that there are going to be a few BMW guys/gals there in July!

    All joking aside, that might actually be where I start the selling process for my R11S.

    Bill Johnston

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    I have an airhead for sale. It became quickly obvious that it will be wise to wait until spring to sell.

    I have bought several of my bikes around this time of year and a little later. I bought them at this time of year because they were far cheaper. Besides it being winter, the holiday season finds many potential buyers and sellers short of money. Wait until spring approaches along with tax refunds.
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    I just sold my 2003 R1150R last week to a local buyer who spotted my Craigslist ad. I also had it listed on the MOA Flea Market and the IBMWR websites.
    I had picked up an R1150RT a couple of months ago and was out of space in my garage or I would have held onto it until spring when the prices start going up. Even here in the south where we can ride all year, motorcycles tend to be a seasonal item with prices lower in the winter and higher in the summer. Check the net for your model bike for sale in similar climate zones for a good seasonal price. Also watch for the prices on ones that sell quickly and ones that linger for months (usually overpriced, some owners are not realistic).
    Good luck with the sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    Wait until spring approaches along with tax refunds.
    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this.
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    What tax refund?
    As to pricing, it takes knowledge & maybe experience too. If you spend a lot of time monitoring ebay for final sale prices & look long & hard @ Cycle trader & IBMWR you will get closer to reality.
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    My dad still rides at 82!!! A newer Royal Enfield. Dayly in a 75 miles radius. How's that.

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    Where is Dayly Washington?
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    Where to sell

    I have had the best luck with and IBMWR. Sadly, I never got a response from any of my MOA Flea Market ads.

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