First post here.

I recently acquired a new/used F800GS, really nice bike. I've been riding for many years, but have not done a multi-day for a looonng time.

I'll be going to a week-long class in Prescott during the second week of March, and am thinking of riding there and back. Generally I'll be riding alone.

I suspect I'll try it in 2-3 days each way. I'm looking for route recommendations...Probably an eastern NV route one way, and a western NV or CA route the other. I'll consider camping for at least one night during each leg.

So...looking for any suggestions on routes, including good camping/lodging; anyone who wants to ride-along for segments; and any offers of being a local contact in case the bike act up, etc. I do carry the anonymous book, but having a few contacts for segments would ease the angst for my first solo trip on the bike.

Thanks a lot.

Ned - Seattle