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Thread: Rear brake disc- bolt replacement?

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    Rear brake disc- bolt replacement?

    I am planning to replace the rear disc brake disc on my 96 R1100RT. It was suggested by the person I bought the disc from that I should replace all the bolts with new ones when I did that. The manuals I have, including the BMW one, don't seem to indicate that both replacement is necessary. Are they stretch bolts as used on parts of the clutch assembly? What's the general consensus on the idea of complete bolt replacement for the disc?

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    I have always reused them using blue loctite and torque correctly.
    Never any issues

    From the BMW OE CD

    Tightening torque:
    Brake disc to rear wheel drive
    (clean thread + Loctite 243).......................... 21 Nm

    No mention of replacing the bolts as there is in the clutch section.
    Ufda happens..........

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    The MAX BMW site fiche does have a note about those screws needing to always be replaced, BTW.

    I recently replaced the rear disc on my '94 RS (virtually the same parts), and did have to replace the 2 countersunk screws, but only because they had to be drilled out to get the disc off. Several applications of heat still wouldn't let them budge. An on-line discussion with several luminaries has convinced me that they could be reused if in good shape and re-loctited.
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