Our group had a weekend event and worked out some good rates on resort rentals. I was checking in and the woman behind the counter said, "Oh you are part of the biker group." I said, no; we are all motorcyclists. When she asked what the difference was I told her we were all riders and did not; 1. ride in packs blocking traffic, 2. dress like pirates, 3.disturb the peace by removing our mufflers, 4. ride from bar to bar, 5. destroy motel rooms and 6. we all ride with protective gear, including full coverage helmets instead of stupid little brain buckets with moronic decals on them.

Her remark was, "Oh you must not like Harleys." I said I like Harleys as they come from the factory; but I do not like them after morons modify them to become POS noise makers.

During check in she rattled off a list of rules that were clearly aimed at 'bikers". It was like what I had told her did not register.