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Thread: Forum logout okay confirm

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    Forum logout okay confirm

    Logging out from the Forum now opens another window asking for confirmation that I really want to log out. I don't remember having to do this before the system update. Is it necessary? The log out button on the home page doesn't do this.

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    I'm not sure as I can answer this as I never logout. But I could imagine that the two logouts might react different as they are probably two different pieces of code. Plus the forum got reworked recently after the round of virus intrusions. Having a confirmation button seems like a good idea to prevent the inadvertent clicking which might log you out.
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    After the last problem, a slightly different "skin" was used. I believe it's a function of that skin. Most VB based forums run that "ask to log-out" feature. The software will automatically log you out after a selected period of time- if you haven't checked the remember me box. HTH OM
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