Hi Guys

Anybody have any experience with the Motorkote oil additive?

Their testing results looked pretty impressive on their website. I use to work at a University and am familiar with the type of test they used on their website and know that it is a valid test. I understand that is commonly used in trucks and such. Says it protects through 4 oil changes and takes 2 oz per qt when added. I put it in my 2000 R1100RT (50,000 miles) and my 2006 K1200GT (15,500 miles). Just started running them with it and they run as well as they ever have. Curious what the long term effects will be. I hope to have these bikes for a long time so why not I figured.
Cost $26 (with a $5 dollar mail in rebate coupon) for 30oZ (I think) at Walmart.
I'll report in if I have any bad results.

Just checking . Anybody use this stuff before?