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Thread: Vortex Generators

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    Vortex Generators

    Reading the Laminar Lip thread below, I wonder if anybody has played with vortex generators to reduce wind noise and buffeting from the windscreen. There's a ton of info to be found on Bing/Google, some pretty technical, some not so much, and mostly related to aircraft. There are also commercially available vortex generators for aircraft. Someone with a DIY and engineering tilt, and time, could have some fun.

    Note that the newer Schuberth helmet has little vortex generators at the bottom of the face shield. Might be something to it.


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    Our newer 737's have vortex generators in front of the windshield to reduce cockpit noise and they work well. Understand though, the air speed at cruise is a bit higher than what you would get on a motorcycle, even one going downhill. It might not be as effective. Good thought, though.
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    I know when I hold my hand by my helmet, the noise goes down. Like on the side by my ear...

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