Sunday I went to look at a 2001 R1200C Montana for a friend and *I* liked it a lot. My friend does not want it because it has no fairing. He said he wants something like an RT. The bike we saw has the larger BMW touring fairing.

The bike is black with the black leather bags and larger fork mounted windshield. Spoke wheels and they looked good. The prior owner added a passenger seat with the backrest (I think - the current owner knew little what the prior owner did to it). BTW, can that backrest be used for the driver? Nobody ever rides with me. The bike only has 10,600 miles.

Now for the bad... the bike has hardly been ridden for a couple to 3 years at least. It started after some cranking but ran rough and the ABS light never went off. I rode it and after about 1 mile the bike started to run and idle great! It felt real easy to ride. The bike was a little dirty but in otherwise very good shape. Nothing bent or broken or scratched.

Owner asked for $6,500 but I want to offer $5,500 because of the flashing ABS lights and needing new tires (old tires cracked). He said the light goes out after it is ridden a while. I think he said he has ridden it about 50 miles since he purchased it (his first bike!). I know the bike is weak in HP (61HP) but not too bad in torque. My long range bike will always be my 2010 RT but this can be my around town bike.

What advise do you C owners have for me. How is this price? Would dropping it in the driveway cause the ABS fault? Any cautions for this model and year? I tried to post this on the Chromehead forum but I need to register first.

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