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Thread: R 1200 RT "Low" Model?

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    R 1200 RT "Low" Model?

    I did a search first but did not find anything. I am about to pull the trigger on a new R 1200 RT. My local dealer has a slightly used "Low" model. One salesman told me it was for shorter people (I am 6'1"), another told me that was not correct. Any opinions out there? I could not find any info on this model on the BMW website. Thanks in advance, Glenn

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    You're likely too tall for a low model
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    You're likely too tall for a low model

    I would agree, except if you have a long inseam, meaning from where the sun don't shine to the bottom of your feet. I am 6'0" and I removed a low custom seat and went back to a standard seat for the 2009 R12RT. Like to have my legs resting comfortably on the pegs and not up around my chin if you get my drift?
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    Gotcha, took a ride and sat on one, got a cramp in about 30 seconds, thanks for the replies......

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