Okay, hello, I'm Dwayne and live in Jefferson City MO. I thought I would fill out one of these introduction things (actually I have recycled this from another forum because I am just that lazy). I am not real good with bulletin boards, or rather not so natural. I am not antisocial just unused to it (I know, and I am a software developer, Enterprise Web apps. Weird.)

I am a Software Developer, SCUBA Diver, Kite Flier, Ham Radio Operator, Rock Climber, Coffee Roaster, Canoe Paddler, Trail Walker, Social Political Conjecture-er, Knowledge Consumer, Bad Daoist (or Taoist if you prefer the Pinyin System), World Traveler, Son, Brother, Idiotic Genius, Moderately Witted, Fairly well read, Sane, and Generally Stable with a tendency to Tilt at Windmills.

I just started riding again about a year and a half ago when a good friend shipped me one of his 'extra' bikes. A 2006 Buell XB12Ss. he thought it was a bit slow for him but liked the handling. humm. he is now riding a supped up Hyabusa.

My friend gave me the jacket as well, good jacket but not my style, I have since replaced it. (ua, after sliding down Hwy179 on it)

I last rode in my twenties (half my life ago) and all on hard tails and cheap dirt bikes. So sport bikes (particularly such a short one when I am 6'2") has it's differences.

I find all of my bad habits have returned in force and I have managed to drop the bike a few times. Okay ill admit that I have always dropped my bikes (and crashed) a lot. I don't try to, nor am I proud of it, but you might as well know now.

It took me two months to crash and break my leg! (Smack! - 3rd Std. Deviation)

There is a trail of posts about the crash at Whats New? - 3rd Std. Deviation

But I got the bike fixed up while I was on the mend and got back on it promptly. I guess I decided that Bikes where back in my life seemingly to stay so I had better get rid of the Mad Buell and look for something matching my style a little more closely. I found the 2012 R1200GS Rally at a dealer in Cape Girardeau MO then put it in my Driveway.

I hope to meet you all, niceaties, salutations, and all that kind of thing.