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    600 Mile Service Ride-In

    I live 150 miles from my nearest dealer, but 3 dealers are within 250 miles. I have a new F800GS that needs it's 600 mile service. Will dealers accommodate you if you ride in, in the morning and wait for a bike to be serviced? How long does that service take? What's a reasonable cost?

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    Unless you are on tour, and need emergency service to keep your vaca from getting ruined... make an appt. its what we do in the modern world.

    no answer for your other questions- but i bet one of those "nearby" dealers could give you some factual answers.
    btw- to keep your costs down, consider doing some of the service elments (oil change, tec) yourself.
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    My dealer will normally do a routine service if I want to wait for it. Anything is possible if are willing to wait, what can the dealer do other than kick you out at closing time if it isn't finished? A 600 mile service usually is pretty short anyways, I'd guess an hour or so, so yeah it would be dumb to go home, it'll be done before you even get close! But as has been said be sure to specify to them that you'd rather wait for it so they can make sure it gets on the rack as soon as you get there. If you can arrange to be there as soon as the shop opens I'm sure they would appreciate it, because if they have a job that goes south first thing and gets things piling up, can be a bit of a pain for them to accomodate a "wait" later in the day.

    On price it seems like there is a lot of variation. Again just a wild guess, would be in the $100 range, like $150-$200. If you don't mind calling around you can get quotes. I'd be hard pressed to go any further than the 150 mile dealer, man that sucks. At that distance I'd be tempted to just change the oil and cal it a day. Although on the other hand, if there is a problem later on it sure would be nice to have that dealer stamp in the maintenance book saying it had that first service done. I assume none of the dealers in your "area" if you want to call 250 miles "in the area", actually sold you the bike???
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    It's an off time of year in most locations so getting it done same day should be simple.
    But you should get an appointment, a quote, and get there when they open.

    There is nothing critical about doing it exactly at 600 miles- the thing won't know if you wait twice that long..

    Save the ride in/ no notice stuff for real emergencies. Even then, always call ahead so the guys are expecting you and make sure you know which shops accommodate traveling rider emergencies well and which ones don't. Don't make an emergency out of anything routine..

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    If you make an appointment they should be able to do it quickly. Mine was completed about 2 hours after I showed up with it and that was after having lunch with the dealership and the tech that worked on my bike
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    Two weeks ago I was in the same position. I have 3 dealers within 30 miles of me. I did not even want to take my bike in because I do not trust dealers. I changed my own oil. And then made the appointment just for the stamp for warrenty. I dropped the bike off I could have waited but took the shuttle home they offered me. I picked up the bike a few hours later and on the way home sure enough the tire pressure was at 2.6 bar when they recommend 2.3 bar. I left it at the shop with 2.3 so why did they raise it. You see why I do not trust dealers. What else did they not do. $64 for the half hour and the rubber stamp.
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