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Thread: clutch removal question 1970 R75/5

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    I'm going to buy one of those little torches. They look like what I need to concentrate a flame/heat in a small area. Still trying to locate a wide blade that will work with an impact driver. Went to Wholesale Tool and they didn't have any. Still soaking in PB, but will also buy some Kroil.

    I'll just keep soaking and trying with what I have until I get the new toys- I mean "tools".

    Thanks everyone for the input. Looks like I'm on the righ path, just need to keep going.

    Hard to believe they didn't use at least a Phillips type head on these.

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    Hard to believe they didn't use at least a Phillips type head on these.[/QUOTE]

    As troublesome as slotted screws are, if really tight a Phillips can be worse. By design, the blade ramps up out of the cross slots when overtorque is encountered. Its a feature, not a flaw.
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    Craftsman has some flat bits in their socket selection. I have an old 1/2" drive one that has been ground down a little in width and can be used with an adapter on my 3/8 drive impact. I assume they have a 3/8 drive as well

    I recently took a few clutch screws off the R69S with the standard impact bit in my impact hammer good rap with a machinist hammer and they were loose. Mine were apparently way looser than what you are dealing with....good luck!
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