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Thread: 2012 rt rusell seat with back rest

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    2012 rt rusell seat with back rest

    I'm sending my seat to Russell seats off my 2012 rt and having there build long with the intergreted back rest system has anyone had an experiance with this combination? I had a rick Mayer on my 03 he did a great job but a Walmart pillow would have been better than the stock seat,the stock seat isn't really to bad on the 12 but I demo rode another rt with the Russell and it was nice just don't know about there back rest.

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    Russell did such good work on my GSA seat, I had them do my Ultra as well.
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    You just missed out on a group buy on one of the metric forums. But you might want to call RDL on Monday and speak to Kim and see if she will squeeze you in. The time to sign up ended at midnight Friday. They had allotted 125 slots for the group buy and early Friday they had 10 slots left. But like I said it officially ended. But call and ask and mention Group Buy 2013. Worth a try for 20% discount.

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    On my 2011 RT, I have the Russell and back rest combination. Excellent seat. May not be the prettiest, but it sure is comfortable. I actually have a Russell on my Goldwing. I had the back rest added when I bought that seat. Now I just switch the backrest between the two bikes. The backrest is universal among all the Russell seats, I believe.
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