I purchased the following Tankbag on eBay, which I received today You can see it on the attached thread, half way down):


Ok, in the front it has a hook, in the back it has a zipper as well as velcro and a patch with self adhesive tape.

Now please forgive my ignorance, but coming off of an RT, the tankbag situation on the GSA does have me slightly puzzled. (so much easier and much more thought through then on the GSA in my mind).
Here is HOW I would mount it, but would like some input if this is correct:

- The hook in the front will hook under the VIN # plate on the front fork below the handle bars.

- The self adhesive tape does get taped on to the bottom of the tank where the seat meets the tank and then the bag does get removed via the zipper.

Do I have that CORRECT?

Now one last question:
- While fueling, does one remove the zipper and fold the bag forward, or does one try to grab the hook in the front , "un-hook" it and then move the bag backwards towards the seat? Which is the better/easier method?

Any help would be greatly appreciayed, MANY THANKS in advance.