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Thread: New shorter shocks for 09 RT

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    New shorter shocks for 09 RT

    I am considering going with Hyperpro shocks 1 inch shorter for my 2009 RT. I would like to keep the ESA adjustable option. I know I have to send them my shocks to have the ESA units put on the new shocks. Has anyone else gone through this process and how where the results. Also has any one shortened their side stand and center stand?

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    Long story, but I'll try to make it short. I had an 05 RT with ESA. At around 72K miles, the OEM shocks were beginning to get pretty tired, and the preload had stopped working so I looked a options available. I liked ESA, but OEM ESA shocks are prohibitively expensive. My private mechanic recommended Hyperpros, as they were beginning to develop replacement shocks for ESA bikes.

    So, I had the OEM ESA shocks sent to Klaus at Hyperpro. I specified 1/2 inch lower. Shortly the new shocks arrived, and were installed on the bike. On a test ride, I could tell that the ESA preload would not move the shocks up and down as they should have. Upon checking into it, Klaus said that the ESA functions were pretty-much shot and he had a lot of trouble getting the preload to work, but before shipping the preload did work properly.

    Because I was unhappy with the results, Klaus agreed to take the shocks back and to provide new non-ESA shocks at no charge. I agreed. The shocks worked great and I loved the lowered height. I didn't shorten the sidestand or centerstand, but if I had kept the bike, I would have had them shortened a bit. Bike was more upright than I liked when on the sidestand. Centerstand was usable.

    I kept the bike for a while, but decided to sell it and to get a newer model. So, I bought some used OEM non-ESA shocks, installed them. The non-ESA shocks are in a box in the closet waiting to be used on my 09 bike.

    So, long story. Hyperpros are great. Klaus is a good man to work with. Shorter shocks most likely mean having the side stand shortened and maybe the centerstand. Good luck!

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