I only have limited experience with the 650 model. I rode one about 3,500 miles in New Zealand. I liked the bike a lot in that environment. This was 200 to 350 mile days, touring. The handling was precise. Fuel economy was disappointing. Voni was riding a BMW F650 single that took premium fuel. I was riding the VStrom that took regular. This irritated her till we noticed that tank after tank she was spending less for fuel than I was. Doing a kilometers per liter to miles per gallon conversion - she was getting over 50 mpg. I was getting about 40 mpg.

If you are into touring, want extra front lighting, heated gear, etc. I think the alternator is a bit challenged, but no worse than the BMW 650/800 twins.

If lightening struck and melted all of my BMWs into puddles and I needed to go buy a new bike it might be a VStrom.