Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm wondering- with all the rallies each summer, does anyone hold a classic or vintage only rally anywhere?

I know lots of MOA members own older BMWs, but tend to ride the wheels off their newer bikes. OK, I can understand that, but them I saw the RR from a a guy who rode his R100RT from Florida to California and back.... And it got me thinking. Oops.

The BSA owners club has annual international rallies that are well attended. Folks either ship or ride their bikes from far & wide to attend (a couple years back it was in New Zealand). I was at the 45th annual rally on the Isle of Man in 2008- 500 or so people rode in from all over Europe- some folks shipped thei bikes over from the U.S.!
Why not do the same with BMWs?

What does everyone think? Does such a rally already exist? WOULD you ride your airhead or vintage BMW any distance to participate in a vintage ONLY rally?