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Thread: Cee-Baileys widscreen sizing

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    Cee-Baileys widscreen sizing

    I was reading the other post about the screws for a cee-baileys windshield, and thought I'd open a new post here.
    I have a 2000 r1100rt-p.
    I'm 6'0 tall.
    My current windshield is really scratchy, so it's hard to see through.
    What Cee Baileys screen would be a good size to replace my stock one? I suppose it would be nice to have the lip to kick the air over my head, but I'm not sure if it interferes too much with vision.
    Any thoughts?
    2000 R1100RT-P

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    I put a Euro Cut one on my '00 RT-P several years ago. I followed the instructions posted on their website. This resulted in getting a screen that eliminates turbulence when fully extended and nice clean 'helmet air' when fully lowered. YMMV
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    I had a Cee Bailey Euro Cut (the one with with the upper curve) on my 2004 RT and loved it. In the low position I could see over the screen with good, smooth airflow. Raising the screen slightly, I could still see over it, but was able to deflect most airflow over my helmet. In rain I could raise it all the way up and stay pretty dry. I will say the holes were misaligned on the first one they shipped. The second screen was fine.
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    I purchased the Euro cut windscreen this year. It was 5.5" taller then normal and I keep the seat in the middle position. I'm 6'3". The Euro cut is about a 1/2" shorter then normal due to the cut. You can always cut the windshield down, but you can't add to it.

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    I got a +5.5 for my R12RT and ended up cutting it down about 3 inches. I don't like to look through a screen in the twisties and it was too tall. I rarely, if ever, elevate it more than half way.
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    I replaced the stock screen on my 2004 R1150RT with a +6 +4 C-B Monster shield and couldn't be happier with it. At 6' 4" I can still easily see over it in the lower positions, and it still provides good air flow when all the way down. It's easy to find a position that is quiet at highway speeds.

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