Yes, perhaps so. I'm preparing to clean, re-grease and adjust my stem bearings -- not my first time.

I've currently got the aforementioned product ("Green Grease" - yes, that's the name) loaded into my grease gun, and intend to use Paul G's method (BMWON, Jan. '11) of shooting it between the races using a needle fitting. (Not implying that Paul has endorsed the grease, only the application method.) In the past, I've always "hand-packed" a heavier red bearing grease into the rollers, and have never used this product on stem bearings.

I guess this stuff is now heavily advertised, but that don't mean it's good. Naturally, the "pitch" makes it sound like the latest-and-greatest, with 30 years of use behind them. . .waterproof, synthetic, high temp, long-lived, etc. It is pretty unusual "feeling" stuff and is VERY sticky.

Seems a little "thin" but it sure sticks well to whatever you put it on -- interesting stuff, and must be available nearly everywhere if I can get it!

In a related question: Wonder if this would be a good (50-50) "mix" to put with Moly 60 (or equivalent) to grease both Airhead and Oilhead splines?

Q: Anybody have experience with, or knowledge of, this product?

As always, Muchas gracias for all the help and opinions.

Walking Eagle