OK here is a fun one. Last week during a brief rain break in Portland, I took all my bikes out for a spin to charge up, dry out, have fun (stored outdoors, under a carport, with rain covers). Had to bump start (have not plugged in the battery tender this winter yet) before a 30 mile ride. Stayed late at the GFs house on my 1980 R100RT, and when i went to ride home in the dark, discovered a glitch in the ignition switch. When the switch is turned two clicks to the "run" position and bike started (started fine), the headlight came on but the instrument and tail light did not work. Same result whether the bike is running or not. When I turn the ignition switch one click to "parking" position, all the lights function properly. Sound like a loose ground? Bad connection at the switch? I have not had a chance to do any trouble shooting yet, but wanted to see if anyone has experienced this one before? Thanks....michael