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Thread: 2009 RT Less "Buzzy" After Valve & TB Adjustments, but ...

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    2009 RT Aftermarket Bar Ends Effective to Reduce Vibration?

    Now that adjusting the valves and TBs has been done and my RT is running noticeably smoother at higher rpms/speeds, I'm wondering if there are any more effective methods to smooth out vibration in the grips. I know there are some aftermarket bar ends that are slightly heavier than the stock bar ends. Does anyone have any experience with aftermarket bar ends as an additional, effective dampening device? Any recommendations? TIA
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    RT buzzy

    When I first switched over to my RT, after enjoying an ultra-smooth Honda Pacific Coast for several years, I couldn't believe the vibration. It was so noticeable to me.
    Several guys recommended the heavy bar ends (Salamander), but really I just got used to it. I know my chiropractor puts this vibrating thing on my back and arms, and I pay good $ to do that, so maybe it's therapeutic!
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    how to cure buzzy RT handlebars

    Ride a 70's Triumph, Harley, 650 Yamaha for a day.
    Yea the bmw twins all have some vibration at certain rpm's, going uphill they tend to vibrate some, sometimes riding against strong wind causes some vibration, and my GS seems to vibrate right at 70mph. After a while it goes away or u just don't notice it anymore.

    Thing is at the end of the day I am nowhere near as tired as I used to be riding a supersmoothe goldwing.
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    Vibration, what vibration?
    I came from the British Vintage Motorcycle world and till you have ridden a Triumph, BSA or Norton Commando, the vibration we experience is nothing when riding a BMW RT.
    When I came over from the British side to the Airheads several years ago, the thing that I noticed on my R100RT it becomes silky smooth at a certain RPM. Valve adjustment and especially having the Bings balanced plays a huge roll in whether your machine is smooth.
    I challenge anyone on this board to ride a older British bike for four (4) hours, and chances are they will be loving their HexHead BMW!
    As they say in the UK, Tis my two pense worth!
    Seasons Greetings!
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    Have you tried the Grip Buddies? Cut the buzz on my ST (which there isn't much of) by half. And they're only about 30 bucks.

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    Best way to smooth it out is to go run it hard, go out and run it like a sport bike for a couple of hours at 6-8k rpms and see what you think.

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