A friend is into John Deere tractors big time. I mean REALLY big time! Green truck, green JD cap, green JD jacket, green whatever, etc. You get the idea. He showed me a photo of a new JD tractor that operates without a driver. It's all GPS controlled. There's no controls for an on-board operator or driver. You sit at your kitchen table in your jammies with a cup of coffee and your laptop and control everything from there. You could till the fields or plant all night without missing a minutes sleep. Say someone tries to steal your tractor? It ain't gona' happen! Someone tries to tamper with it, it shuts itself down and calls you, "Help! Some fool is trying to steal me! Help, come quick!"
Cool, right? Now let's go one step further. What if BMW or Harley or whoever developed something like this? You can sit at your kitchen table and go for a virtual ride using your camera on the front to see the sights and a camera out back to see where you just came from. Think of it this way, no more speeding tickets, no more riding in the rain, no more cold paws for not having hand warmers, no more sore butt, no more packing and unpacking. You could go on Iron Butt rallys without loosing the sleep. Maybe a couple of IB's back to back. Your GPS controlled bike could go to rallys without you bothering to leave the house. You could get your grass cut. Go to little league games and yell at the umpire without missing the rally. No more packing and unpacking, setting up camp in a wind storm or breaking camp in the rain. The MOA office could be run via GPS! No more full time staff. The possibilities are endless. Yes, I know you are going to say all this snow and cold weather has me in delusions. Probably. Bob as in 1964R60/2Bob