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Thread: GSA windshields

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    GSA windshields

    Hey guys, I have a question or two for you. My LT has a very good chance of getting sold shortly. I am seriously considering a 1200gsa as replacement. For me, the best part of the Lt is the windshield. I hate any type of buffeting. I am 5'9 with 28" inseam (long torso). Is the an available windshield that will get the air over top of my helmet?
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    There is all kinds of windscreen out there to buy, I'm 6' 31" inseam, and ride a GS with the stock windscreen and no buffing.. check Cee Baileys

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    I, too, have a long/tall torso. After testing several, I ended up with a Wunderlich ERGO Vario Screen ADV. Works as advertised. No affiliation with Wunderlich. (
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    I agree with Jim... Love the Wunderlich vario...
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    Came off KLT;

    Me too, came off KLT1200(5 years) to GSA1200 today. Like the GSA a lot better after 5 years now. GSA comes with bigger shield, so its already a tad better than stock GS, BUT. I added the LAMINAR LIP, a perfect solution for my liking. 6' even, 32"inseam. I had the VStream on my KLT and they now make it for the GSA too, another option. My Laminar Lip works so good, I have no issues. Randy

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    I'm 6'2" with a 34" inseam. I use a tall seat (just a bit taller than stock), stock windshield 1 position from the top, and a Touratech spoiler. It's not as quiet as my RT was with the ZTechnik windshield, but that's just fine with me.

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