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Thread: NHL Lockout got you down?

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    Talking NHL Lockout got you down?

    A special report on the NHL players lockout just in

    Video Link

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    On a positive note, The (Toronto) Maple Leafs are still undefeated this season...

    Seriously though, a pox on all their houses.

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    I quit caring about millionaire owners and millionaire players and their silly games years ago.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    It's hard to have any sympathy for either the owner$ or player$, But I do feel sorry for those folks who work(ed) at the concession stands, maintenance, nearby taverns, etc. Not a hockey player, but Longoria just signed a deal with Tampa Rays baseball for $100 million for six years. Kinda puts my teacher's salary in perspective.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I quit caring about millionaire owners and millionaire players and their silly games years ago.
    +1. Now if we could just get everyone to quit caring, maybe reality would set in...

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    If there is a more boring sport than pro hockey I don't know what it is, yet. Even badminton or pool is more interesting..
    Some college hockey is still fun, especially at places where the fans and players are both emotionallyinto it but I practically slept through the pro games
    I've seen live...

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    N'uff said!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brewmeister View Post
    What is NHL,hockey??
    It's a game where you can buy a crap beer for 8 bucks.
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    Not in the least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by na1g View Post
    But I do feel sorry for those folks who work(ed) at the concession stands, maintenance, nearby taverns, etc.
    Apart from this (valid IMO) point, there seems to be few (and that number seems to be dwindling) who care about the (particularly the NHL interpretation) of the game. I suspect everyone involved have completely forgotten who ultimately pays their exorbitant salaries.

    As for this forum, it seems unanimous. I would guess we'd all rather ride than watch.


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    I still sometimes enjoy watching baseball, basketball and tennis - on TV only - and I suspect that is because I played these three games in my youth. (I was a fabulous Little League pitcher because I had a curve ball, and once threw a 6 inning no-hitter! Unfortunately, I was over the hill by the time I hit 15 years of age.) I think basketball is a game of incredible muscular grace that I admire though I could care less what teams are playing. Men's pro tennis is often a treat to watch for the seemingly impossible plays, and the fact that there is such a fine line between great play and pretty bad play.

    I don't care to watch hockey or football or soccer - probably because I don't really understand the games.

    I too find multi-million dollar per year contracts for athletes and owners offensive. Same for CEO's and the highest rung of symphony conductors and classical soloists. None of them are that good compared to the rungs just below them, who often don't make a decent living.

    Are we likely to solve these problems? Maybe, when the fans simply vote with their feet because the ticket prices are too high.
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    I don't care for hockey because I feel most people watch or go in person to see a fight not watch the game.

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    Actually the "fans do vote" and with more than their feet. In Cinn,OH e.g. I think the new FB stadium got voted down 3 times & was built anyway. The Royals(MY team!) play in Kauffman Stadium (a now dead rich guy/owner if you need someone else to hate on)another one that was voted against. I agree that the owners $ & the ticket $ should build them not others$.No, I cannot relate to the rich owners nor the absurd sums paid to the players. I don't "idolize owners" in sports anymore than in the food business or whatever else. I've read Business Week & it's just as Kosher to idolize the big guys in corporate business as sports(pros also a business) & make over their success.
    What I can relate to is the skill & preparation it takes to play silly games as yes , I played them a long time & enjoy watching some for the excitement I get from the win/lose thing. Adrenalin comes in different colored "pills".
    Hockey-no,FB-yes,BB-yes,tennis-no,golf-TV-no/play-yes ,fish-TV-no/catch bikes on TV-no,ride em-yes & so on. Like they say, it takes all kinds. At my house we all play hard & study hard. The "big vibe" for my fellow KY FB fans is a new coach, not much NHL feeling around these parts. And then there's my "other Wildcats"-this years K-State FB team.
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    I have played the game for over 30 years and coached everything from Mites to college, but this last work stoppage might just make me give up interest in the game.

    I can still go play and they show a fair amount of college hockey so that it good enough for me.

    I guess it's a good thing I didn't get that NY Rangers shield tattoo'ed on my arm.....nobody would know what it is!

    My son in net when he played AA..

    You might recognize this guy that came out to skate with our kids...

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