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Thread: "Ride of Your Life" contest is bogus

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    "Ride of Your Life" contest is bogus

    Today I see the MOA home page prominently advertises BMW Motorrad - Germany's contest "Ride of Your Life".

    The MOA has also posted the link to the contest entry web page on the MOA's page on Facebook.

    The only problem with all of this is that the website to enter the contest - and to submit the essays required of entrants - is in German, and BMW has done something to their web page that prevents Google Translate from translating the web page into English.

    Since I ride German, but don't speak German, MOA encouragement to enter the contest is simply cruel and inhumane.

    Can anyone get BMW to provide a version of the webpage in English so those of us who don't speak the language of the Fatherland can have a chance at spending five months riding around the planet on BMW's dime?
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    How about this?

    I searched ["ride of your life" bmw] without the brackets and found the above.
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    Ride of MY Life

    Thank you, Mr. Twenty Seventy Seven Four. I went through the process of translating everything from German to apply, THEN I saw your research results. Very exciting and the motivation to go on this trip made the translation easier.

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    Thank you

    I tried to do the German application last night and was stumped. Then saw this today. Thank you! Now just to win . . . . .

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