Recently, there was a new release of firmware for the G9. I have been talking to Cardo and have received some info fellow G9 owners may be interested in.

I had asked for some info regarding whether I should buy an iPod Touch or an iPod Nano 7th generation (it has Bluetooth!). On this forum, I had heard the latest Touch was seen as a phone, not an MP3 player, and this prevented pairing with a dumb cell phone via the GPS, as only one phone was allowed.

I actually talked to a very nice support person! They called me! Really surprised me. Here are a few things he told me...hope I get this right:

  • The revised manual for the new firmware is not yet on the site
  • You can pair a music device with A2DP profile (stereo) using the Volume Down button
  • If the GPS (mono) is paired, the second interruption of music by GPS audio may cause the G9 to lock up, requiring it to be turned off and back on. This is being actively worked on. I'm not sure if this is Zumo 550 specific.

So, if Santa gives me a Nano G7, I will have to do some investigation on all this.
Will advise more when I know more.

If you have a G7 and a Bluetooth MP3 player, try the pairing method above and see if it works for you. If you also have a Zumo 550 and a dumb cell phone with Bluetooth, you could do the whole experiment, if you had a mind to. I'd like to hear any results.

And, I may still not end up with what I was aiming for until their software folks issue new software...