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Thread: Multicontroller - 2013 R1200RT

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    Unhappy Multicontroller - 2013 R1200RT

    I have a 2013 R1200RT.

    When I am sitting still the multicontrol will let me tune in FM stations. While I am going down the hiway, it breezes through the whole band only stoping on one or two stations. The AM band is stuck on 530 and the weather channel is very weak.

    Has anyone experienced this? It is winter up here now and the tech at the dealer said to come in next spring. It is still new so I am sure BMW should take care of this. I picked it up in Oct.

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    How does the XM work? I have solid XM performance, but the FM and AM have weak performance on my 2013 RT. Since there are separate antennae, I'm guessing the FM/AM antenna has come loose. May be the same for you. You may have stronger reception at home than on the road, causing those symptoms.

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    I read the radio manual until I got mine tuned to Sirius 5 and have since forgotten everything I read.

    I've also never listened to AM, FM, or weather.

    Lots of times when I get back on after stopping, I find the channel changed to something else but have always been able to get it back to 5 with brute effort. If there's a standard way, I don't understand it. The distraction this causes is probably similar to texting while driving.

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    Per: - I'm adding year/model to the thread title. Your question is pretty much model specific since the RT is the only R bike with the multicontroller.. so hopefully someone will spot the thread and be able to help you out.

    Please put that info into the thread title on future posts to the tech forums.. it helps you and helps others looking for info later on.
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