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    Question High Frequency Vibration

    It would seem that I have a high speed 70 mph high, frequency vibration in my 2004 R1150 RT-P with 120,000 miles on it. The tires are new and I have micro beads for balancing which I have used before with on problems, the rims are also good.

    I replaced the front wheel bearings as I thought that was the problem. as it seemed to only be felt from the handle bars, but with that replaced it does seem to be the rear where it is.

    I now think that it could be the bearings in the final drive starting to go any one else have any ideas on this? drive shaft, splines, ETC.

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    I would personally start with balancing the wheels/tires. Then I would move on to less likely culprits if that failed.

    Next suspect would be the universal joints in the driveshaft.
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    I had similar on my 2000 RT and after a couple weeks in the shop, lots of looking at various components, different guys riding it, nothing. Put in a dose of Techron and it's been fine ever since.

    Hope it's as EZ for you

    PS Seafoam seemed to have no noticeable effect whatsoever
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    Thanks Paul and 26667

    I think I will try the tire balancing sounds like there could be a problem with the Micro bead installation as the shop had not done it before and they could have lost some of them instead of them going in the tire.

    That would do the trick and give the type of vibration I am getting, did not have the problem before the tires were put on, but also I was running at a slower speed for a fair while before getting up to the higher highway speeds.

    I have to say that I have had Micro Beads on three bikes and never had this before, in fact I have had a superior ride with them but they would not work right if the right amount was not put in just like if there was too much or to little weights on the tire.

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    Hopefully it is something simple like that. As a note, you can check the rear end pretty easily. Put it on the centerstand and spin the rear wheel by hand. It should spin smoothly. If it's "grindy" your big bearing may be going bad. If it's "notchy" one of th u-joints in the driveshaft may be going bad.

    That being said, I would be looking for a used driveshaft (new if you can spare $700) for that bike. There have been several instances of driveshafts letting go at around 100K miles on those bikes. It can be pretty spectacular, so you'd like to avoid it if possible.

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    I realize this is an older thread, but I wanted to re-open the issue on drive shaft orientation and balance.

    I just replaced the entire clutch assembly on a '96 R1100GS with 115,000 miles. The bike ran silk smooth prior to the work. I remember being very careful to orient the clutch components and the "flywheel". However, I failed to orient the drive shaft. It simply slipped my attention.

    Now, I am experiencing the "70 MPH" buzz in the feet and hands. Wheels and tires do not seem to be the problem.

    Could someone remind me the proper "orientation" of the shaft and the U-joints?

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