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Lee is right, there has been a problem with scammers in the Flea Market for years. Whether they get in through a hack or just joined the MOA to get access, there have been times when 100% of people placing a "WTB" ad have been contacted by these guys. All email I have traced from those approached who have cooperated with me, and pickup confirmations from Western Union and MoneyGram, have all led directly back to Nigeria.

As for links, do a search. There are several long running threads with plenty of posts from victims and almost-victims with plenty of detail. Also, plenty of posts from me warning of these guys and working hard to inform folks how not to get taken.
Thanks for providing some explanation on this. It's the first I have ever heard of Nigerian scammers on our Flea Market or of anyone tracking them down. In my short time with the MOA I've had nothing but good experiences on the Flea Market and was not aware there were problems. Like Lee I have not had any success searching for info on this problem. What forum do you post these warnings in? Again, links to facts and useful information are always helpful.