Any oraganized stuff going on for GS/.GSAs or the like. I go every year around January and February, as many do. I ride there, ride back and mentioned because many trailer. Not in that group. Lake Isabella a favorite route of mine via 155 out of Delano or 178 from Bakersfield, depending on snows. I camp most years. IF rooming, I'm usually at Stovepipe Wells, but rare nowadays. Panamint Springs has good camping with shower, others so so or no shower. GSGiants are always welcome, like minded with me, but anybody that can ride well is welcome. I fear most of my GSGiants pals are easterly this time of year, not riding as much? I am easily found in ClovisCA and welcome all the above to join me for Death Valley very soon now, 2013. I KNOW most of the backcountry there now and whats enjoyable and whats NOT, when riding a GS/GSA. Fine times exist, IF IF IF you've got the grit to ride from your Winter home to get there. It can get tough from certain locales of the USA. Even DV gets cold at night, but warms very nicely for day riding events. KLRs welcome too, as I am in that group too. Randy