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Thread: Final Drive that fits 1977 R100 32:10

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    Final Drive that fits 1977 R100 32:10

    Final Drive.
    I need to replace mine, splines fairly worn. Bike is a 1977 R100/7 and the ratio is a 32:10. What are the model years that would bolt right in? I found a 1980 but I am not sure it will be a direct fit. Plus, if you have one and would like to part with it, like I said, I need one. And of course looking for the least amount of wear, don't need to get right back where I am!
    I've got 105,000 on mine and they are down to the 25%-50% range.
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    kurt -

    Info on Snowbum's website regarding typical matches of final drives and speedometers...remember, the speedometer has to be a match as well:

    Also, on Phil Hawksley's site, you can look up the spec sheets for a variety of bikes and see what might have been offered with the model:
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    I installed a /5 rear drive in my 79 RS. Easy to convert the drum to disc. Any of the disc type drives can be converted to drum as long as the hole for the lever pivot is drilled. So lots of possibles from /5 all the way into the 80's.

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