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Thread: Mix Shocks??

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    Mix Shocks??

    Looking to upgrade my stock shocks on a 99 R1100RT with 32k. Am considering buying used to save some bucks. My question is whether or not it is considered bad form to mix stocks, such as a works performance on the front and Ohlins on the rear, or some other combination. Although I suspect this is obviously not an optimal solution, am sondering if it is a viable one and if others have done this. I am assuming if I do mix I could adjust them to match with regards to rider weight, driving style, etc. Thoughts???

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    I have an Elka on the rear and a Hagon up front which is soon to be replaced by a revalved stock unit. Bad Form is my middle name.

    If the shocks work, use 'em.

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    As long as the springs are right and the shocks are good.


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    running an Ollie in back, and a Wilbers in front. no issues, as both are set up correctly.
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    Front and rear are completely different shocks, even if both are the same brand.

    The most important thing is, as stated, the proper spring rates for your weight and loading range. You need to be able to properly set the sag for the shocks to work correctly. From there the damping is almost infinitely adjustable on most quality aftermarket units.

    Me Ohlins rear/Fox front work superb, track and street.
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    I too have Ohlins on the rear and Fox on the front of my RS; no problems in 50k+ miles. I suppose I could paint the Fox yellow/gold to match :-p.
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