I've done a bunch of Bing's and enjoy fussing with them to make them purr. I am working on getting a '76 R90S that has low miles and has not really been ridden much for since 1999. Tires are DOT dated 1999 and look like new (although I would never run on them more than around town during tuning etc.) he says he has only run it maybe 1,000 miles, I would agree with that after looking at the tires etc. Bike starts up but needs to run at 2,800 to about 3,300, just runs kind of choppy, not smooth until the higher RPM then she smoothes out nicely, not happy at an idle. While I can spell Delloto I can't yet pronounce it....where should I look for a carb rebuild kit and tuning advice for the 90S series? Cool carbs btw. I am assuming the rubber O rings got to have ended their life some time ago, any other parts that should be replaced while still staying in the stock mode? My plan at this point if I buy it will to freshen it up and enjoy it on short rides as I have a slash 7 that loves me best when away from home. She and I have something.