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Thread: 1986 R80RT Oil Stain?

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    1986 R80RT Oil Stain?

    On the back end outside engine housing of my 86 R80RT, I can see a very light stain created by oil encircling my clutch lever. Nothing dripping or really not much to swip off. It has recently come to light the pass month. It is the winter months and I would like to get Ol' Blue in shape for the next year.

    Does this sound like a clutch boot replacement? If so, is it a simple task? Any tricks-of-the trade?

    Thank you

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    Replacing the boot on a monolever is a bit of a pain. You can't get the lever off of the gearbox because of the larger swingarm crosstube. You'll need to remove the rear wheel and pull the swingarm pins, then pull the swingarm back slightly. Get the adjustment of the lever correct and put a thin ring of sealant on the lever where it contacts the boot, and service the needle bearing in the lever while you're there.

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