I am looking for a minimal amount of advice from my fellow members regarding the purchase of a new GPS unit. I am retiring a Garmin StreetPilot 2820 which has worked well over 25,000 miles of riding, and a few thousand miles guiding me around the Eastern US mounted in my Toyota Tundra.

When riding or driving, I have given the 2820 a destination and it has taken me there, albeit with a few blips regarding one-way streets etc. I have liked that minimal way of dealing with the Garmin. I don't like the idea of planning a route before-hand, as I use AAA paper maps for that. I wear earplugs on every ride, so music, BlueTooth communication and telephone conversation are not important.

Since I expect to trade in my 2002 pickup truck for something smaller, I looked at the alternative navigation systems in new vehicles. The prices seem high ($1500-3500...with a bunch of other stuff in the mix) so I figured I could buy a new Garmin for much less which could go on/in the RT/car and handle both duties.

Thanks for your tolerance in reading this far. Anyway, in summary: 1) I'd like a waterproof unit; 2) I'd like something easily transferable bike to car; 3) I don't care about trip planning in advance; 4) I don't care about BlueTooth capabilities on the bike, but maybe I should in the car; 5) I'm not really concerned about expense as I want the best thing for this application.

I realize that a new GPS thread is like a new oil/tire/seat thread. Sorry for inflicting this on everyone, but I know there's some knowledge out there.

TIA - John Gamel