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Thread: Full Bore Tires

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    Full Bore Tires

    There seems to be a new brand of budget tires out there, 'Full Bore,' which appears to be a Shinko under a new name. Anyone have any experience with these?
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    Can't help on full bore tire. Buy what you want but my Shinko Raven 009's are as good as any other tires I've ever had.

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    Pros/cons Shinko!

    My lighter bikes(KLR) love the Shinko brand, no issues. They came out with a GSA1200 tire, I tried it and it failed the first 1000m last Summer on a road trip. Tread started coming apart in the valleys of the treads. Looked very nice, comp to many others as new, but not so good after all for my GSA. I tried it, liked the idea of dollar savings, BUT got ugly soon after. Buying tires on a road trip is always more pricey too, so it cost me. Randy

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