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Back to gloves. Who has heated gloves - what brand?
Before I bought my Beemer, I was riding older Vespas who's power output is barely enough to run the engine and headlight at the same time, so electric gear is a no-go. I found that handle bar muffs make a huge difference, allowing me to wear a level lighter glove for a given temperature.

The winter MC gloves I've tried are too thick/stiff and my hands get tired. I've used ski gloves, but am concerned that they offer minimal abrasion protection.

I put some muffs on my R75/6 and the help a lot, but the faster speeds traveled caused me to acquire some Gerbing G3 gloves. I chose Gerbing because they were on sale and I already had a Gerbing vest and they play well together. I only bought the gloves this spring, so I do not have long term experience, but it sure feels nice to crank temp controller and feel the warmth.