Hi all,

So I seem to have two issues right now. Leaking carburetor (right side) and possibe clutch issue (freeplay is setup properly/etc)

Issue #1: Leaking right carburetor.

I've pulled the float bowl and checked the float needle. So far the needle follows the floats up and down. I tried flicking the floats up and down a number of times to make sure that there was no grit or anything stuck in the float needle. This seemed to work after having done it a good number of times. I rode around at around 20-30mph in a parking lot to test and what not. However the dripping carburetor started again after about 10-15 minutes.

I checked the carburetor again and it looked like all was fine with the float needle. I then did a diagnostic test by holding the floats up while turning on the petcocks. No gasoline would flow when the floats were raised. When allowed to drop, gasoline would then flow from the carbs.

Also I checked the float bowl to make sure it wasnt the problem. I had it filled with gasoline and there were no leaks once the filled bowl was removed from the carburetor.

I dont know what else could be the culprit. The gaskets did look like they could possibly be old on the float bowl (they were darker colored) but I didnt see any gas from the tops of the bowls leaking out.

Issue #2. Clutch ON/OFF action.

I have set proper free-play on the clutch as per the BMW spec manual. The big problem I have with the clutch is that it is very ON/OFF in reaction. A friction zone is practically non-existant. There is a tiny bit of friction zone, but it makes it very difficult to have smooth clutch action. It definitely feels like a digital ON/OFF clutch.

Is this normal? Is this due to clutch age/wear?

My R75/5 has around 78,000 miles on it and it has not had any clutch servicing that I know of. None of my paperwork that I have for it mentions it being serviced.

Hope you all can provide some help/suggestions.