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Thread: center stand / GS 650

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    center stand / GS 650

    Not able to raise GS 650 on center I that pathetic?

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    it's a technique thing...hard to describe, but basically push left foot forward as you hold the seat grab rail pulling rearwards. Bike in neutral.
    If someone lowered bike with shocks and did not alter can be a bear to lift.
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    I use my right foot, but otherwise same method works.
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    Park the bike rear wheel on a 1x4 or a 2x4 and try, that should work and give you some experience in the method.

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    lowered bike, cut down stand

    I had the same issue. THEN I installed a Kouba Link to lower the rear end 1" and the problem got worse. Then add top case and side cases...

    With the bike on the center stand I used a straight edge to mark the center stand in line with where the front tire touches the ground and the bottom of the rear tire. That indicated that the center stand could be shortened about 1 1/4" and the rear tire would still be off the ground.

    Local machine shop took 3/4" off the height of the stand and that made a huge difference.

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