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    laminer lips

    Anyone have success installing a laminer lips windscreen?

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    The hardest part of the installation is positioning the lip. You may want someone to help hold it in place while you figure out the position, then attachment is easy enough with the heavy duty velcro they supply. You might search the Forum for laminar lip as there are other threads about this.

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    I had very good results with the LL on my Honda ST1300. It is a bit sensitive to location and I found it worked best with the top of the LL about 1" vetically above the top of the ST's screen. Your results will probably vary.

    Before sticking the Dualocks (super-duty velcro) clean-clean-clean the windshield where they will go. They give you an alcohol wipe, as I remember it, but you'll need more. I used a couple of cleanings with Windex-type cleaner, then two cleanings with alcohol. Those stickers really stick so get it right the first time.

    Let us know how you like the LL.


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    I have used one for a couple years on my F800GS. It fell off on a ride this summer as I had got cloth in the "velcro" locks so thought I would ride without it. Needless to say i got new locks and re-installed it. For me it works great.

    Tried a Cee Baily windscreen but actually found it too hot at slower speeds as there was no air flow behind it. The Lip allows some airflow.

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    Note of caution regarding the Laminar Lip

    I used a Laminar Lip on my 12GS's stock screen and it eliminated the bad buffetting. But, it shook violently at highway speeds, and after a month or two I noticed it had developed a stress fracture next to one of the contact points. I've since learned that, while that problem is pretty uncommon, its by no means rare. If you look you'll find stories of Laminar Lips exploding off of the occasional motorcycle. I decided not to replace the lip, so I spent the money for an Aeroflow and, 90,000 miles later its still working great.
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    see last two posts

    I've owned two K/RS bikes. The first had the stock little windscreen and there was just too much air pressure against my chest. Got a cut-down "tall" Aeroscreen and was happy except for bugs on the face shield. Saved the screen when that bike was totalled.

    Second K/RS had the Laminar Lip installed on the stock screen when I bought it. Couldn't believe this little device, which is MUCH lower than the Aeroscreen, seems to do exactly the same job. I've had zero problems and the Aeroscreen (which I thought would be the first modification) still sits in my basement.

    I'd believe the warnings about how you should clean your shield before installing the "velcro," but for the price and increased view above conventional shields, I'd say it is worth gambling you won't have any problems.
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    I've had two, still have one. The worst part is the 'trial & error' if you attach the Velcro buttons, and need to move it...the buttons can pull the film from the shield. It happened too me, left two spots.

    They do seem to work aerodynamically , but too me look odd.

    I found i like the Wunderlich air deflector better.

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    Seems to work well, I got some chrome license plate screws (plastic chrome) to hold the shield on, and quick to remove to clean under. These give a very nice looking attachment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MIAirhead View Post
    Seems to work well, I got some chrome license plate screws (plastic chrome) to hold the shield on, and quick to remove to clean under. These give a very nice looking attachment.
    I imagine that does look nicer than the Velcro spots!

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