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Thread: Recommendation for BMW R1200 manuals

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    Recommendation for BMW R1200 manuals

    Are there any recommendations for a comprehensive manuals for a 2005 R1200 bike? I had purchased the CD for the factory manual and have a copy of the Haynes manual. I was looking for a publication that describes how each of the systems work, lists the various components on the systems and possible how to make repairs. I find most of the manuals assume the reader understands the basics and takes it from there. While I have a fair knowledge about motorcycle mechanics I normally learn about the details when I have problems and would like a better understanding.

    If you have any recommendations please advise.

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    I think you won't find what you want in manuals.

    Probably there are some tech articles around dealing with the R1200s and just motorcycle mechanicals in general that will help. Looking through the archives of this and similar forums is a good idea, too. The best idea of all IMHO is to be a member of a BMW club.

    Manuals indeed assume some prior knowledge and it just isn't feasible to include how to buy tools, what torque means, what gaskets do, the hydraulic principles of brake systems, etc.

    To be a motorcycle designer requires lots of university education and to be a professional mechanic requires quite a bit of training as well. Neither one are going to be covered in a single manual.

    In addition, the concept of "repair" is a bit of a minefield. Automotive service is time based and most of the time replacement is more economical than repair. Consequently you wont' find much on repair per se and again this may require generic knowledge of, say, welding, machining, etc. There simply won't be a "manual" about this specific to a particular vehicle.

    Finally, if one really wants to service his/her own vehicle, there's no sense to any assumption that extensive ownership of tools is optional. There's a capital as well as an intellectual investment required.
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    Are there any recommendations for a comprehensive manuals for a 2005 R1200 bike?

    I asked the same question when I bought my 2009 R12RT. Did a google search and there wasen't much in the way of manuals out there. The only one that I found was a Haynes Manual for the BMW R1200 Twins '04 - 09. The BMW CD is very much like the older printed copies that I have for the older AirHead BMW Shop Manuals, which was sometimes hard to follow as you had to read in between the lines.

    I discovered on this board the Hexheads/Camheads DIY/Tech Library and a number of YouTube clips from MAX BMW. It's not the in-depth technical information that you maybe looking for but after all the restoration projects I have done over the years, I think I will take my R12RT to someone who knows these machines such as a dealer who you are comfortable with.

    I am comfortable doing the preventative items and maintenance items, but that's as far as I want to go.

    Just my 2 pesos worth of a comment!
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