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Especially those night trips to potty and in bear country. Bears cannot see so well with bright lights in their eyes. That dark fuzzy thing(tree stump or bear) in the immediate area, just outside of lights reach bothers me a lot. I want bright and accurate lighting. Maybe adjustable would be nice. I'd really like one of those million candlepower, burn the fur off anything in the night light! Had one, but not biker friendly, needing a nuclear power source, but work sooooo fine on my ranch property. .....Randy
This will blind your bears!
I will say it one last time and back it up with pics. THE BEST light I ever had is under $10!!, and easily fits in your pocket.

The contenders, 3-D cell halogen Maglight ($25), Nebo redline ($35), Sipik CK-90($35) and the BEST Sipik SK68 ($8ish) ALL fully charged batteries, all max zoom.

Same order the brightest is the smallest (it does go square zoomed in) Garage is 60' away

Silo 250-300' away with the $8 light zoomed in

Garage with $8 light zoomed out @60'

Size reference, fits in pocket, tank bag, can be held with your teeth while you work, or finish your late night call of nature, etc.