A Capitol City too, as Oregon's Capitol City. Oregon's largest(Beautiful Rose City) Portland, less than an hour. Columbia River Gorge is same hour awayand the waterfalls are amazing along there(Oregon Side). The Pacific Coast is to die for, with arguably the best the West Coast has to offer and an hour away. The US Coast Guard does its best and trains its hero's in the surf near the Columbia River/Pacific Ocean meeting place. The Light Tower in Arcadia is SOOOO cool a place to visit and climb to the top for an amazing view of the Columbia River....The Cascade Mountains are rider heaven to the Canadian Border, beginning in Oregon. The Famned Mt.St.Helens, a two hour ride is so well worth the trip to see. Man, all this is so very closeby the rally grounds this coming year. Too many more to list. Been riding the NW for decades on my Beemers and I don't live there, but am West Coast based a tad South. Even though a recent rally in Redmond took place, Oregon has to be one of the MOAs best ever states for a rally and the Salem area has a much different aura about its locale vs. Redmond. Both are bound to be on the best ever rally lists. See ya'll there. BRING your appetite for GREAT NW SEAFOOD too, yum Love my Halibut and Chips. Many more choices. Randy