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Thread: changing fork bearing 75 R90/6

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    changing fork bearing 75 R90/6

    Can someone post a pic of the tool I need to remove the lower triple clamp bearing? Or describe how I can remove it with out a puller?

    I think I can rent a race puller, but not sure what puller I need for the lower bearing.


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    I found this picture:

    in amongst the various rebuild sites that are posted here:

    Not much organization among the rebuild kind of have to open one and look or search within the thread.

    Other ways to go after the lower bearing is to use a dremel and cut the outer bearing cage and then very, very carefully go after the inner race. Get close to the stem and then use a cold chisel to break the inner race.

    Another way is to use a welder (MIG, TIG, I have no clue!) and hit the race with a weld and it will basically drop off.

    Is there a reason to replace the bearings? Do you see evidence of denting or hammering the race? If the bearing is OK, it may be possible to clean the bearing in-place and force grease into it.
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    248 sells a steering head bearing puller tool set. Here is a link including a photo of the tool(s):

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    Most auto parts stores (at least around me) will lend you tools such as pullers for free.

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    I used the Cycleworks tool and was very satisfied.
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    Thanks for the pics and advice, I now know what Im looking for and how to get the bearing and race off.

    For the record, my top bearing and race are fine but the bottom race has several rough spots, I tried to lightly clean it, repack and put back together, but wasnt what I want.

    Thanks again

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