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Thread: ride to south america

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    ride to south america

    HELLO ALL. I'm from vancouver BC. I'll be riding my 800 gs to s/america. Better say the 2 of us will shipp the bikes to valparaiso chile ,see part of the dakar , ushuia and back . iguazu falls,machu pichu,colca canyon etc.. if anybody has experience about flying ( way that I would prefer) the bikes from or to S/america please let me know. Otherwise they are going by boat. We are getting a 20'container from vancouver so there is room for a couple more bikes , we'll split the cost. I'm open for any advise that you guys can share, I'm always open to any advise. At almost 61 but still in good shape is "now or never" I"ll be posting pix /videos in youtube. Mario can2chi. Would be nice to see some of you along the way , to meet for coffee or advise where to service the bikes.
    Adios, mucha cerveza

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    Go to ADV rider & contact "Gaston" he does that sort of thing or seems to be the guy that can advise you. He's not someone that I know,so don't bother to ask me more,I've just have read his posts.

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