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Thread: 2007 R1200RT Full tank to 3/4 mark mileage

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    2007 R1200RT Full tank to 3/4 mark mileage

    My RT had the fuel strip re-calibrated after the ZFE box was replaced. Now from full tank to the 3/4 mark, I usually get around 35 miles. Is that normal? Seems too low for me.

    Thanks in advance.
    2007 R1200RT

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    They are out of whack.

    I get 110 miles to 3/4
    Then it drops to 1/2 in the next 10 or 20 miles
    then its accurate as can be to empty which is about 220 miles.

    I took some gas with me. Rode the bike around till it said 0 miles left to go. I accelerated and the bike sputtered. I then rode 3 miles to a gas station.

    Not messing with what works for me.

    Its a 12 R1200R
    now 6,000 miles on it


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    I would not trust the strip, or a fuel computer like on Voni's F800. Determine your reliable mileage per tank. Learn how to adjust for speed and headwinds. Set your trip meter. Fill when needed. Fill early if in doubt.

    As far as I'm concerned this is technology that answers a question I certainly never asked. It is fragile, failure prone, erratic, and otherwise unreliable in new found ways. I suspect far more people run out of gas with these things than ever did without their benefit.
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    Having the same accuracy issues with 08 GSA. Had a 1950 Plymouth when I was a kid and the fuel gauge worked, never ran out even though I would put $1 worth of gas in it at a time (4 gallons).
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    I get about 100 miles before it shows any drop at all. During the next 50 miles it will fall to 50%, maybe more. I usually just fill up every 120 to 150 miles and ignore the gauge. Once in awhile it drops all the way to zero and the low fuel light comes on. A full tank of gas and a bit of riding usually restores it to "working" again.

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    What Paul said. Petcocks with reserve and no gauge at all weren't a bad thing.
    On the RT hexhed/camhead, fueling every 225-250 works out fine

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    I'm on my 3rd fuel strip (2009 RT) and have the same situation as you with my current one -- shows full when I fill tank, then drops to 3/4 full after only about 30 miles. My current fuel strip shows low fuel warning light at about 180 miles. Irritating. I still have 3 months left on my factory warranty and I'm considering one more "free" try to get a fuel level indicator installed that is more accurate. Like Paul said -- best course of action is to trust the trip odometer more than the fuel gauge.
    Tom Wilmotte
    2009 R1200RT

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