Thanks Walking Eagle - what a great calming name! (especially after a looong stress filled day).

Yea, I'm pretty psyched about acquiring this bike - I even emailed the seller telling him how grateful I am for him selling it to me - he knew it has potential but wasn't up for the task - some people just like to get on their bikes and ride - I respect that. He emailed me back and asked me to send pictures and feels good that I'll get her into shape.

To me, these old Airheads are like finding a nice piece of art - a Van Gogh or Rembrandt - sounds silly but I really get a lot of gratification from these bikes. What really helps the projects is the availability of spare parts - try getting parts for an old Honda! I recently fixed up a CT90 with a blown engine and had the only place that had a new crankshaft was in Thailand - good thing I wasn't stuck somewhere - it took 6 weeks to arrive.

I've sent the instrument pod to my buddy Terry "Wirespokes" Vrla to freshen her up. The rest of the stuff will be minor - lots of deep cleaning, lubing cables first (replacing if needed), instrument bulbs, just the basics. Compared to my R65LS project, this "should" be a cakewalk.